Top 10 Blown Calls in Baseball History

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Eric Gregg, Wide Strike Zone, 1997 NLCS Game 5

It's not one blown call, and it's arguably not as bad as remembered by Braves fans, but Eric Gregg's 15 minutes of infamy came in the 1997 NLCS. In Game 5, Gregg was behind the plate for Livan Hernandez's complete-game win. Hernandez struck out 15 Atlanta batters thanks to a generous strike zone from Gregg—to say the least. Gregg called strikes for Hernandez that were way off the plate, and Hernadez's called-strike rate for the game was 42 percent, compared to his regular season rate of 29 percent.

An article at Fangraphs broke down the performance and says maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed, though. The Braves sent mostly left-handed hitters to the plate, and Hernandez benefited from some very wide "lefty strikes." In a regular season matchup, Gregg's strike zone may have made headlines for an evening. But this happened in the NLCS and Gregg's loose zone may or may not have helped send the Marlins to the World Series.

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