Top 10 Landmark Franchise Relocations

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Top 10 Landmark Franchise Relocations

The Chargers are moving up the freeway from San Diego to Los Angeles. And their relocation has been met with a collective yawn in the nation's second-largest media market. Only about 300 people showed up for their "welcome rally" on Wednesday in L.A., and at least one of them was there to show his displeasure over the move.

That's quite a departure from most franchise relocations, where they were typically received with enthusiasm in their new cities - case in point being the Rams, who got a hearty welcome home in L.A. last January after being away for 21 years in St. Louis.

That's why though professional franchises change homes pretty frequently, not all the moves are the same or hold the same significance. There were moves that were mere cash grabs by desperate owners and then there were moves that transcended mere sports and woven into our nation's history.

In reverse order of importance, these are our Top 10 Landmark Franchise Relocations.

(Compiled by Samuel Chi and Brian Colella)

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