Top 10 Prospects Who Tanked NFL Combine

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Top 10 Prospects Who Tanked NFL Combine

While the NFL Combine has achieved a somewhat mythical status among NFL diehards, with 40-yard dash times being referenced well past their relevancy, to watch the multi-day event is actually pretty dull. It's a bit like a much more boring version of the Olympics - all the events are the same, and nobody wins. Nobody loses, either, but for a top draft prospect a bad performance can have a much more significant impact than a good one.

Combine hype also depends on the prospects themselves. This year's Combine didn't generate much interest compared to past years when one or two of the athletes have been embroiled in controversy. As such, probably the only thing the average fan will remember from Combine 2016 is that Chris Jones' junk fell out of his trunks during the 40. 

That was embarrassing, but not catastrophic. For that, we turn to the men of our Top 10 Prospects Who Tanked the NFL Combine.

(Compiled by Brian Colella)

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