Top 10 Sporting Events That Have Lost Their Luster

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Top 10 Sporting Events That Have Lost Their Luster

The sporting world is not nearly so stagnant as it may sometimes seem. Bogged down in all the details of the current season, the current month, the current week and often the current day, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that what seems an intractable truth now was in fact once completely false. For example, while the NFL and Super Bowl have an iron grip on American TV remotes now, it wasn't too long ago that baseball was trouncing football in the ratings game.

March Madness takes its yearly toll on productivity and we sigh, That's just the way it is. The NCAA Tournament is an institution. But you might want to take a seat for this: the now-punchline NIT came first, and for a while it was the tournament of choice for elite college basketball teams.

The point is, things can and do change quickly. This has been great for the sports that have taken over, like NFL football, or are on the rise, like MMA (Wait, you say. Those aren't the same thing?). But Newton's (little-known) Fourth Law states that for every Super Bowl watched by 1 billion people, there must be a World Series that averages just 20 dudes, all in one bar in San Francisco.

With the Daytona 500 coming up this Sunday, where does this race belong on the pecking order? Check out our Top 10 Sporting Events That Have Lost Their Luster, at least for now, while others take center stage.

(Compiled by Brian Colella)

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